About eX-Path

eX-Path is a global provider of services within the pathology domain. Founded in the Netherlands, eX-Path constantly seeks to expand it's service area. eX-Path specializes in facilitating the transfer of image-rich pathology data between distant locations for the purposes of diagnosis, education and research.

eX-Path offers the most professional and swift services to its customers. This philosophy runs through the entire structure of the company in order to assure complete customer satisfaction and absolute product superiority. With this philosophy, eX-Path guarantees the end-user the best services available.

eX-Path delivers not only services but also, with its partners, provide complete solutions for pathology labs. eX-Path stands for: eXcellent, eXpertise, eXpert, eXpatriate, eXact.


To provide services within the pathology domain world wide.


Becoming the leading knowledge platform that provides understanding of innovations in the (digital) pathology domain; to provide daily services to pathologists for improvement of  patient care worldwide.
The reimbursements charged to our patient customers should be in line with local and individual economical standards in order to make the service available also to all social class populations.


eX-Path will create a global growing network committed to make a valuable contribution to health care by fulfilling the daily needs of the pathology profession all together. By providing the necessary support with unique services from laboratory technology in combination with ICT,  eX-Path will seek to contribute to the benefit of pathology services worldwide.

The proper execution of our mission and ambition has the following principles:

  • The expertise and information / technology has to add value to all people involved, to help achieve their present and future goals.
  • To use our expertise and facilities to provide a high quality service to our customers, and aim for constant improvement and maintenance of quality.
  • To provide a Shared Service Centre that may contribute to scientific developments.
  • To transform multiple 'low volume / high cost' requests into 'high volume / low cost' activities.
  • The financial operation must be balanced, to safeguard both stability and growth.
  • Propagation of Cooperative principles and anticipation are important to eX-Path. The multi-national approach is helpful to create strategic alliances connecting 'X' to a sustainable development.
  • CSR system approach: The corporate and social responsibility strategy will allow eX-Path to grow its business while improving the quality of pathology knowledge for everyone.
  • The services offer guaranteed stability one side and change and innovation on the other.
Main objectives:
  • Continuous service optimization.
  • Maximizing market and product knowledge.
  • Maximizing customer value.
Quantitative targets:
  • Cost reduction for customers wherever possible.
  • Continuous increasing market share.
  • Creation of a profitable environment through aggregation of multiple low volume activities.
Qualitative objectives:
  • Optimal support and development of knowledge and application of skills by local pathologists worldwide.
  • Further development and implementation of services that lead to the desired customer-oriented delivery.
  • Position improvement for the patient.
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