IVD validation

1. Validation of IVD products.

A unique service from business to business to support IVD validation and risk assessment. Read more

2. IHC support

IHC support and remote viewing of the digitized images is made possible for PC, tablet and smartphone. Read more

3. Cytology

Remote Digital Cytology support, the future is now... Read more

4. Diagnostic advice

Independant advice and second opinions by pathologists for pathologists Read more

5. Histology

In addition to IHC, we can cut, mount and stain routine H&E for all your paraffin blocks. Read more

6. Digital workflow advice

Consulting you in your plans to set up a digital pathology service in your own environment Read more

7. Scanning and storage.

We can scan and store your valuable slides and have them available wherever you have internet connection. Read more